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Ludia Sarmast

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I offer Birth Doula and Post Partum Doula Services!

What exactly is a Doula?

 ..A doula recognizes birth as an important life experience, and is aware of the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor.

 ..A doula assists a pregnant woman in preparing and carrying out a birth plan and stays by her side throughout labor providing emotional support to her and her partner, sensible comfort measures, an objective view point and information to help with decision making.

 ..The Cochrane Library reviewed a study published by the American Academy of Family Physicians, October 2002.  This review, among numerous others, indicates that continuous caregiver support during childbirth has a number of benefits with minimal to no risks. It was less likely that women would need pain medications or have an operative vaginal delivery, a cesarean section, or a five-minute Apgar score of less than 7 when they had an experienced female caregiver-- with them continuously during labor and delivery. Benefits were independent of whether the patient's husband or partner was also present.  

My Doula Services Include At Least:

  • 1-2 Pre natal visits to meet and discuss your birth choices, and history.
  • Help with writing your birth preferences
  • Help with finding Health Care Professionals for special concerns
  • Unlimited telephone support during your pregnancy, and after you go home
  • Continuous support during your birthing time that would include emotional, physical and informational support.
  • An unlimited amount of compassion, understanding, faith and presence during your birthing time.
  • At least one visit post partum

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